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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

What the..?

+ red-coloured rear turn lights? red is for the brake lights you moron
+ nescafe ais for rm2.50? ooo I see, imported nescafe...
+ missed KLPHQ playing on Latte@8. "best gile...siap pakai chaos pad dgn moog!", kata Acap
+ the washing machine is broken, again. nasib ada amoy.. :)
+ Johnny Borrell saying that he's as talented as Bob Dylan, ahhh come on! you can't be serious!
+ nasik lemak with telur dadar? rule #4 : always telur mata
+ ok, nice speakers dude, but what's with the feng-tau music? can't you play radiohead or something?
+ " rilekla brader, bagi orang keluar dulu... "
+ hacked by indon? do they even have pc in Irian Jaya? first Jln Silang and now this?
+ " kaunter ni untuk beli money order je. nak pos baik buat pos berdaftar kat kaunter sebelah. tekan A ambik nombor ye..." I've waited for about an hour than I must get another number and wait all over again?
+ lost 2-0 in Juara Jumaat Futsal Tourney to a 'Team Budak-budak Sekolah Tengah Tunggu Result SPM'
+ " we're not into shoes that much, so we have only what on display ", at a so-called hip store, claiming that they stock limited edition stuff/shoes. uptown is wayyy better la...

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