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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A Sense Of Accomplishment

After all these months busting my ass (and creative-critical-problem-solving-programming skills), finally I have completed all the demos for the modules to the users.
Betapa leganya setelah habis demo selepas beberapa kali ditangguhkan.
just a little sense of accomplishment though
because the modules are not fully complete, with bugs as many as all commented bugs itself
macam hajat tak kesampaian
" sub modul ni belum complete lagi, tapi konsep die sama macam sub modul yang tadi..."
like when you run out of battery in the middle of Interpol's Antics..
or like when the network is down 1 minutes before the bid for that Optimus Prime action figure closes...
hmm... 2 nights straight without sleep is not recommended at all.
nasib 2 hari je. kajian mengatakan kalau 3 hari straight tak tido, terus tak tido la sampai bile-bile...
susah betul menghalang panggilan katil untuk tido
php html javascript sql php html javascript sql php html javascript sql...
with Jack Johnson and Iron & Wine as company
" susah tak carik duit? " - susah bagi orang yang tak berapa rajin seperti aku.
kalau rajin mesti senang.
kerja siap awal, tak payah berjaga malam, demo pun puas hati, bugs-free
procastinating... procastinating... ahhh
satu hari nanti bila aku jadi bos surely aku taknak ada staff yang macam aku sekarang
camne nak maju?
" so how or where do you see yourself in 10 years time? "
- jawapan standard : to own my own software company..bla bla bla.. all that bull and crap

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