Monday, February 28, 2005 

add-ons and patches

new bloggers (see sidebar, under "Fellow Countrymen") :
Modaq - my senior from school, genius on guitar
Riki - my dormmate in 1998 (form 1), "bedsheets stories"
Pyan - my classmate that can do lots of funny faces, now playing his trade in the states
Papa - another schoolmate from koleq, now fully converted to japanese
MCKK Class of 94 - sort of all-koleq portal
Junaidix - a classmate from college

Friday, February 25, 2005 

I choke on pop culture... (gulp!)

+ new header's image
+ currently #1 at MyBlogCafe
+ now on BlogCrowd and BlogExplosion
+ now listed at MCKK class of 94's links
+ more than 10 hits per day


Friday I'm In Love!

I don't care if monday's blue
tuesday's grey and wednesday too
thursday I don't care about you
it's friday I'm in love

monday you can fall apart
tuesday wednesday break my heart
thursday doesn't even start
it's friday I'm in love

saturday wait
and sunday always comes too late
but friday never hesitate...

I don't care if monday's black
tuesday wednesday heart attack
thursday never looking back
it's friday I'm in love

monday you can hold your head
tuesday wednesday stay in bed
or thursday watch the walls instead
it's friday I'm in love

saturday wait
and sunday always comes too late
but friday never hesitate...

dressed up to the eyes
it's a wonderful surprise
to see your shoes and your spirits rise
throwing out your frown
and just smiling at the sound
and as sleek as a shriek
spinning round and round
always take a big bite
it's such a gorgeous sight
to see you in the middle of the night
you can never get enough
enough of this stuff
it's friday
I'm in love

Monday, February 21, 2005 

The greatest feeling in life

the greatest feeling in life is when you have a good night sleep without bed-bugs sucking the blood out of you...
the greatest feeling in life is when your account's avaiable balance is actually more than one digit number...
the greatest feeling in life is when you see that 838MB 'Radiohead Live at Glastonbury' video file current downloaded bar is finally 100% ...
the greatest feeling in life is when you nut-megged that other team's star player during futsal session to shut his damn mouth...
the greatest feeling in life is when you have a simple dinner with your family, chatting and catching up on things that happened all this month when you are away...
the greatest feeling in life is when knowing that Jack Johnson's new album will be out this March 1...
the greatest feeling in life is laughing when watching Fez of That's 70s Show trying to pronounce 'America' the correct way...
the greatest feeling in life is that knowing that Nedved is in perfect bill of health to play against Real Madrid this Wednesday...

the greatest of greatest feeling in life is when she said that she's falling in love with you all over again...
try beat that.

Thursday, February 17, 2005 

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Hi there.

playlist (nyummy...) :
+ Jack Johnson - Sitting, Waiting, Wishing (music video). New song from the upcoming In Between Dreams that expected to ship roughly one week prior to March 1, 2005. The first batch of pre-orders will include a bonus DVD with the making of 'Sitting, Waiting, Wishing' music video and other video clips
+ The Mars Volta - The Widow (music video). New song from the upcoming Frances the Mute, released March 01
+ spacebarcollective - KLC 2005 (new remix)
+ spacebarcollective - Borneo Burnout 2005 (new remix)

other notable release dates:
+ Feb 22
Iron And Wine - Woman King EP
Kings of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
Mogwai - Government Commissions (BBC Sessions)

+ March 01
Death Cab For Cutie - John Byrd EP
Doves - Some Cities
Coheed and Cambria - Live at the Starland Ballroom
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - B-Sides & Rarities
Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralyze
The Decemberists - Picaresque
The Locust - Safety Second, Body Last
Beck - Guero
Hot Hot Heat - Elevator
Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth

Whoa! I am excited indeed, and it is just still February. Now if I can just find the albums in the record stores, which is likely to be impossible. "Ape? Ma Vota? Takde la. Ambik ni la, Simple Plan, main punk.." Simple my arse... Not a long ago, I had this conversation with some guy working at a record store:
Me : (picking up a CD) ni local ke?
Guy : ini ori punya ma...
Me : yela ori, tapi local ke?
Guy : bukan local punya...original...
Me : takpela

What the..?

Monday, February 14, 2005 

Tired & Wired

mosquitoes | bed-bugs
Ulu Yam | Janda Baik
surf | stumble
Pentium 4 PC | refurbished Pentium III PC
128 Kbps mp3s | 256 Kbps mp3s
Levi's | Zara
metrosexual | rockstar
Adidas/Nike | Asics
Mandy Moore | Lindsay Lohan
teh ais | limau special asam boi
Allessandro Del Piero | Alberto Gilardino
70's sounding bands | 80's sounding bands
Adobe Photoshop | Picasa 2
"for a minute there i lost myself" | "untuk seketika ku hilang kawalan diri"
your PC clock | this clock
Malaysia Top Blogs | MyBlogCafe
(hmm..table does make more sense than doing it this way)
This is actually an edited version of yesterday's post.
table doesn't render well, lots of unnecessary whitespaces.
mengapa? tanya si pakar xml mungkin?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005 

.. sigh*

It' s nearly 3 weeks since the last post.
I guess I am just bored.
I need some inspiration.
I miss her so much.
.. sigh*

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