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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Orang Malaysia?

-Wednesday, March 9, 6.00pm
-Putra LRT Universiti Station

I was waiting for some guy to collect a PC power supply for my brother, which they had already closed the deal over Lelong.com.my. I am just the pick-up guy. Anyhoo, some dude suddenly approached me, wanting to ask something I guess. So the first thing I thought that he was the power-supply guy. But wait, he didn't look any 'celik-IT' at all, let alone know about these power supplies and stuff. That is some serious technology for some average guy to know about, if you tell me. Hmm.. " something fishy is happening here...", I thought...

fishy-guy : orang mana? (pointing to me)
me : orang sini (look confused)
fishy-guy : orang sini? orang malaysia?
me : apa? orang malaysia la (what the..?)
fishy-guy : ic ada?
me: ic? ada la (are you kidding me?)
fishy-guy : saya orang imegresen. mintak tengok ic
me : tengok kad imegresen dulu
fishy-guy : er.. er (stuttering). takpela, kalau orang malaysia. kita nak check saje

Then he went away.

Theory #1 : Fishy guy was actually want to mug me, but then again, do I look that stupid?
Theory #2 : Fishy guy was really a Pegawai Imegresen doing his job, but then again, do I look that Indon? Shit.

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