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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Every Move A Picture

+ The Bravery - An Honest Mistake
+ The Bravery - Unconditional
I say : The Killers rip-off? Who cares! Damn, this is some serious catchy shit.A few more bodies onto the dance-floor now, yay!

+ Every Move A Picture - Signs of Life
+ Every Move A Picture - On The Edge of Something Beautiful
+ Every Move A Picture - Chemical Burns
I say : From New York to San Fransisco everybody is joining the dance punk/new wave bandwagon. Well, the more the merrier. Now where is my striped suit...

+ Bloc Party - The Answer
+ Bloc Party - Tulips
I say : The frontman's name is Kele Okereke. How cool is that? Believe the hype of these London post-punkers

+ Jagga Jazzist - Airbone
+ Jagga Jazzist - Day
+ Jagga Jazzist - Going Down
+ Jagga Jazzist - Kitty Wu
+ Jagga Jazzist - Plym
I say : (thanks Amir) Jazz fusion + post rock + space rock. 10 piece instrumental band with gears like trumpet, vibraphone, keyboards, tuba and everything in between. And they are from Norway. You thought all Norwegian bands are black metal and blood drinking eh Todek?

Ada lagi, tapi dengar ni dulu.
Tolong la dengar.

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