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Friday, April 29, 2005

Dah takde bakat...

Arghh.. shit.
My last chance in winning the NST's Peugeot 307 contest have blew up in smoke.
Or flushed down the drain. Whichever one is more dramatic.
Read the news then.
Zsa Zsa beats others to win NST contest
18 year old student? Ahh..come on!
and what with the name? Zsa Zsa?
How do you supposed to pronounce it?
Zaza? Sasa? Zesazesa?
And I don't even win the consolation prizes?
3 entries and not even 1 winnner. Are you kidding me?
3 entries are equal to 36 NSTs.
36 NSTs cost me RM43.20, and all for nothing?
Dah takde bakat kot. Nak buat camne?
Takpe ada contest lain lagi. Darlie, F&N, DutchLady, AXN, AffinBank, KFC...
Tapi tak masuk pun. Huhu...

Situasi #1
- main macam The Wrens ke Interpol ke
- tapi susah la gitar die
- takpe, tiru je
- tiru, tiru. mane boleh wei. kalau takde bakat jangan tiru.
influenced lain, tiru lain...

Situasi #2
- bila nak jadi rock star ni?
- jadi rock star? takde bakat tak payah la...

Situasi #3
- best siot Kunocries, layan-layan...
- tapi setakat paste, sequence samples yang ko download aku pun boleh
- dengarla M83, baru Intelligent Dance Music. die main keyboard sume.
ko pandai main keyboard?
- mana pandai
- huh, takde bakat

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