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Friday, December 03, 2004

Walk and commute and walk and commute

I don't drive to work.
I walk and I commute and then I walk some more.
And yes I don't own a car.
With my trusty CD Walkman and either NST's Computimes or The Star's InTech I walk and I commute.
Did I mentioned that I don't own a car? Sigh...*

Every single morning I take the PUTRA LRT and then I take the KTM Komuter to work. I do believe that our public transportation system is reliable enough to get us through our daily activities. Lucky for me the office is just a walk away from the Komuter station. At least I can get some exercise from all the walking. I like to watch people around me. At the stations, in the trains. All kinds of people with all kinds of behaviours trying to get to their destination as soon as possible. Men, women, tall, short, Indons... all kinds of them. I do wish that I can ignore them and just dig in to whatever is playing in the discman (currently it is either Cave In or Ambulance LTD) and just read the bloody newspaper. But the truth is that I can't. Believe me I did try, hard. But I just can't help it!

There are yuppies tapping something on their laptop (most propably is BenQ), prentending that they can get a Wi-Fi signal and prentending that they are busy replying emails or surfing the web. Showing to the people around them that they are the true mobile techies, when the most that they can do is either playing Solitaire or Minesweeper. Some of them also thinks that turning up their crappy laptop speakers' volume is really a cool idea while Winamp is playing Linkin Park or Sum 41 or Simple Plan or some other mall-punk crap. Bah! More on 'The People That I Saw in my future postings.

template updates:
+ added Haloscan's comment and trackback function. Thanks to Zaha Si Celik IT for the info
+ added some free music downloads and online radio links in the sidebar. Go and listen to awesome new bands/artists, there are tonnes of them out there
+ added 'currently online' function. free by fastonlineusers

new things that i learned these couple of days:
+ people eat cum
+ PHP coding with 'register_globals' off
+ the word 'abbadon' as in Pinback's Summer In Abbadon means 'hell' in Hebrew
+ banks only allow loans up to 1/3 of an individual’s monthly pay for property (real estate) loans

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