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Thursday, May 12, 2005


-7.30 am
And there I am, as usual, late again to work.
(damn, I need to get my life more organized)
Anyhoo, I got this Kinder Bueno contest that I must post to meet the deadline, but first I must get some stamps.
I just hope that there is a little bit of luck/skill in me to win the contest, although I have not won anything in ages. Sigh*
Shit, the vending machine does not have stamps. Hmm... envelopes, Pos Laju, Pos Ekspress, and more envelopes.
Huh, so much for a vending machine.
Maybe the bookstore got stamps? Faster now, the train is coming.

Me : Ada jual setem tak?
Jurujual : Ada, tapi untuk poskad
Me : (a little confused, setem untuk poskad lain ke dengan setem untuk surat?)
Me : So setem ada, tapi tak nak jual
Jurujual : Jual, tapi kena beli poskad dulu (sambil tersenyum)
Me : (what the?) Ada emergensi ni, ada surat nak pos pagi ni jugak. Boleh la beli satu setem
Jurujual : Hmm (berfikir dan melihat sekeliling).. bolehla
Me : Ok (sambil membayar 30 sen)

Apa punya sengal.
Macam masa kecik-kecik, kita nak main telefon awam tapi takde syiling.
Pegi kedai sebelah nak tukar duit seringgit, tapi kakak tu kata takde duit tukar.
Takde? Takpe la. Baik beli aiskrim potong milo 10 sen.
Aik? Ada pulak baki 90 sen....

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