Friday, April 29, 2005 

Dah takde bakat...

Arghh.. shit.
My last chance in winning the NST's Peugeot 307 contest have blew up in smoke.
Or flushed down the drain. Whichever one is more dramatic.
Read the news then.
Zsa Zsa beats others to win NST contest
18 year old student? Ahh..come on!
and what with the name? Zsa Zsa?
How do you supposed to pronounce it?
Zaza? Sasa? Zesazesa?
And I don't even win the consolation prizes?
3 entries and not even 1 winnner. Are you kidding me?
3 entries are equal to 36 NSTs.
36 NSTs cost me RM43.20, and all for nothing?
Dah takde bakat kot. Nak buat camne?
Takpe ada contest lain lagi. Darlie, F&N, DutchLady, AXN, AffinBank, KFC...
Tapi tak masuk pun. Huhu...

Situasi #1
- main macam The Wrens ke Interpol ke
- tapi susah la gitar die
- takpe, tiru je
- tiru, tiru. mane boleh wei. kalau takde bakat jangan tiru.
influenced lain, tiru lain...

Situasi #2
- bila nak jadi rock star ni?
- jadi rock star? takde bakat tak payah la...

Situasi #3
- best siot Kunocries, layan-layan...
- tapi setakat paste, sequence samples yang ko download aku pun boleh
- dengarla M83, baru Intelligent Dance Music. die main keyboard sume.
ko pandai main keyboard?
- mana pandai
- huh, takde bakat

Thursday, April 28, 2005 

Every Move A Picture

+ The Bravery - An Honest Mistake
+ The Bravery - Unconditional
I say : The Killers rip-off? Who cares! Damn, this is some serious catchy shit.A few more bodies onto the dance-floor now, yay!

+ Every Move A Picture - Signs of Life
+ Every Move A Picture - On The Edge of Something Beautiful
+ Every Move A Picture - Chemical Burns
I say : From New York to San Fransisco everybody is joining the dance punk/new wave bandwagon. Well, the more the merrier. Now where is my striped suit...

+ Bloc Party - The Answer
+ Bloc Party - Tulips
I say : The frontman's name is Kele Okereke. How cool is that? Believe the hype of these London post-punkers

+ Jagga Jazzist - Airbone
+ Jagga Jazzist - Day
+ Jagga Jazzist - Going Down
+ Jagga Jazzist - Kitty Wu
+ Jagga Jazzist - Plym
I say : (thanks Amir) Jazz fusion + post rock + space rock. 10 piece instrumental band with gears like trumpet, vibraphone, keyboards, tuba and everything in between. And they are from Norway. You thought all Norwegian bands are black metal and blood drinking eh Todek?

Ada lagi, tapi dengar ni dulu.
Tolong la dengar.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005 

This Station Is Non-Operational

At The Drive-In Retrospective Coming
news avaiable here from Pitchforkmedia

Image hosted by

Zach Vowell reports:

Frances the Mute, we all knew, was just too terse a title to be true. Five years after their At The Drive-In swan song, Relationship of Command, the Mars Volta's Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Cedric Bixler along with Sparta's Jim Ward, Paul Hinojos, and Tony Hajjar will release a compilation entitled This Station Is Non-Operational on May 24. Fearless Records will issue this retrospective At the Drive-In product in the U.S., while has reported that V2 will release the comp overseas on June 6. According to Fearless Records' website, the former bandmates handpicked the selection, and included not only fan favorites but also BBC sessions, re-mixes and B-sides, and covers of both the Smiths and Pink Floyd. Two of the "greatest hits" are available for download off of Fearless' site.

But the fun doesn't stop there. The release will also include a DVD bonus disc full of music videos, nostalgic desktop wallpaper, and buddy icons. Twenty unreleased photographs will grace the booklet insert, but the real steal will be Operations Manual, ATDI's electronic press kit which was previously privy only to real journalists such as ourselves.

Here's the tracklist:
01 Fahrenheit
02 Picket Fence Cartel
03 Chanbara
04 Lopsided
05 Napolean Solo
06 Pickpocket
07 Metronome Arthritis
08 198d
09 One Armed Scissor
10 Enfilade
11 Non Zero Possibility
12 Incetardis
13 Doorman's Placebo
14 Autorelocator
15 Rascuache (Vaya Remix)
16 This Night Has Opened My Eyes (Smiths cover)
17 Inintiation (BBC session)
18 Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk (BBC session, Pink Floyd cover)

01 One Armed Scissor
02 Ivalid Litter Dept.
03 Metronome Arthritis

I say : YAY! At The Drive-In is the shite! Cedric and Omar does the mother of all freaking-outs, period. I want one. Pyan, I know you are reading this. I WANT ONE.
Got some new playlists from exciting new bands that I would like to share with you guys, maybe in the next post.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005 

A Sense Of Accomplishment

After all these months busting my ass (and creative-critical-problem-solving-programming skills), finally I have completed all the demos for the modules to the users.
Betapa leganya setelah habis demo selepas beberapa kali ditangguhkan.
just a little sense of accomplishment though
because the modules are not fully complete, with bugs as many as all commented bugs itself
macam hajat tak kesampaian
" sub modul ni belum complete lagi, tapi konsep die sama macam sub modul yang tadi..."
like when you run out of battery in the middle of Interpol's Antics..
or like when the network is down 1 minutes before the bid for that Optimus Prime action figure closes...
hmm... 2 nights straight without sleep is not recommended at all.
nasib 2 hari je. kajian mengatakan kalau 3 hari straight tak tido, terus tak tido la sampai bile-bile...
susah betul menghalang panggilan katil untuk tido
php html javascript sql php html javascript sql php html javascript sql...
with Jack Johnson and Iron & Wine as company
" susah tak carik duit? " - susah bagi orang yang tak berapa rajin seperti aku.
kalau rajin mesti senang.
kerja siap awal, tak payah berjaga malam, demo pun puas hati, bugs-free
procastinating... procastinating... ahhh
satu hari nanti bila aku jadi bos surely aku taknak ada staff yang macam aku sekarang
camne nak maju?
" so how or where do you see yourself in 10 years time? "
- jawapan standard : to own my own software company..bla bla bla.. all that bull and crap

Monday, April 25, 2005 

Selamat Pengantin Baru

Selamat Pengantin Baru to 2 of my best of friends, Raqib and Zamir.
Hope to see little Raqibs (or Roboqibs) and little Zamirs running around in a couple of years.
Looking forward to see Zamir this week.

aku : camne ko tau ko nak kawin? how do you know that she is the girl? that the time is now?
mereka : hmm.. you just know bro, you just know...


Great Teacher Onizuka

Image hosted by
Apakah yang ryhme dengan Onizuka?
Shizuka? Kaka? Siapaka? Wakaka?
Salah...semua salah. Nice try though.
Jawapan die?
Onitsuka. As in Onitsuka Tiger. As in Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66.
As in Aku Punye Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66.
Woo...ada 2 pasang* je kat Malaysia ni.
Kelso (That 70s Show) pun pakai.
Pakai terasa macam jalan atas angin.
Mahukan sepasang juga? Dapatkan di pasaraya-pasaraya terkemuka berdekatan anda.
Ada diskaun 15%. Jangan cari di UDA Ocean dengan Batu Road Supermarket dah la.
* fakta tepat daripada Pemerhatian Rambang

Wednesday, April 20, 2005 

Kelab Rekreasi

Sekarang ada aktiviti sukan setiap Selasa anjuran Kelab Rekreasi ofis aku.
Woo, siap ada Kelab Rekreasi...
- Main badminton.
Dulu masa kecik-kecik ada kawan-kawan aku yang lembab pertumbuhan otak mereka cakap " main raket ".
Rasanya semua orang pun tau main badminton.
Main badminton ni macam naik basikal la, semua orang tau.
Cuma pandai ke tak saje.
Macam pandai naik basikal lepas tangan dua-dua ataupun naik basikal dengan kepala kat seat sambil tengok belakang.
Dulu masa sekolah basikal aku sebenarnya basikal untuk perempuan.
Ada bakul dgn loceng dan warna merah ceri. Ceh, gile sissy.
Dan sampai bila pun tak lupa main walau berapa lama pun dah tak main sejak raket dah ditukar kepada Titanium daripada yang kayu.
Rina pun join main. Sebab die takde Kelab Rekreasi.
We are the undisputed bergu campuran champion.
Tapi lagi banyak gelak daripada smash nye....

Monday, April 18, 2005 

Analysis Of A Downfall

Jadi apakah yang telah berlaku?
Liverpool power sangat ke?
Yes, Liverpool is a good team, but on paper Juventus is surely the better team.
Orang kata, " it is just a football game la wei.."
Read 'Juventus : Analysis Of A Downfall' by Glenn Debattista
Image hosted by
Pity the defender who tries to defy the master
Gianluca Zambrotta, arguably the best left back in the world

Friday, April 15, 2005 

Pattern Against User

+ Neil Young - Rockin' in the Free World (new video directed by Michael Moore)
+ Audioslave - Be Yourself (new single from the upcoming new album)
+ Aqualung - Brighter Than Sunshine (video)
+ The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It (video)
+ Athlete - Wires (video)
+ Indie Pop Rocks at soma fm (online radio)
+ neumu = art + music + words
+ Chindogu : why don't I think of that?
+ SNAP! ezine
+ mythbusters : toilet explosions!


New Scheme baru.
Sebab banner dedaun dicurik orang. Banner dan bandwidth pulak tu.
Takdela, bergurau je. Boring dengan antaramuka yang lama.
Takpe, gambar free. Nak yang lain?
Hari-hari dengar rock-matematik pun boring juga. Sesekali kena dengar gak band paling rock di dunia.
Apa lagi yang berbeza?
Blog kawan-kawan di ruangan fellow countrymen di sebelah kanan. Jumpa?
Amir - head on working musician
Todek - rakan sekelas (pencuri banner)
Keewee - rakan sebelah katil
Arghh.. Juve kalah. Huhu
Credit :
Banner - Original image by Zach Carter avaiable here

Wednesday, April 13, 2005 

Idiot Box 2

So what's the bruhaha about the famous Rude LRT Guy commercial?
Sampai masuk paper dan Parlimen? Patut dah post lama tapi tidak sempat.
... dan procastinating (ceh, gile overused)
Sebab - " showing a Malay man being unthoughtful to other LRT passengers, as being racist". (dipetik dari The Star)

Ahh.. sakit jantung. Tapi betul jugak. Takkan Melayu sahaja yang tidak tidak sopan di dalam LRT? Racist.
Kena la buat 3 versions punye iklan untuk Melayu, Cina dan India.
Tapi kat Malaysia ada banyak lagi kaum. Buat 3 version je? Racist jugak.
Ada lagi kaum* (ikut alphabetical order) Bajau, Bidayuh, Bisaya, Brunei, Bugis, Bumiputera Sabah, Bumiputera Sarawak, Dusun, Dusun/Kadazan, Iban, Irranum, Jawa, Kadazan, Kadazan/Dusun, Kelabit, Kristian, Lain-lain, Melanau, Murut, Orang Asli, Orang Sulu, Punjabi, Rungus, Semai, Suluk, Sungai kena buat 29 versions iklan. Baru tak racist. Selesai.
Hm..tapi.. Takkan lelaki je yang tak sopan? Perempuan takde?
So 29 x 2 = 58 versions. Ok selesai. 1 iklan untuk semua kaum, 1 untuk lelaki 1 untuk perempuan.
Kejap, tu kalau orang dewasa? Kanak-kanak?
Takpe.. kira balik la. Mesti bagi semua puas hati. Karang masuk paper lagi

Last week, kat paper cerita pasal Sepet pulak.
Kata cerita tu 'tak patriotik'. Sebab orang Cina saje jadi orang jahat.
Dah tu nama pun Jimmy je. Tak jahat langsung nama.
Letak la Castello ke, Rafael ke macam cerita-cerita Yusof Haslam.
Muka pun tak ganas. Tak botak atapun rambut kuning dan pakai subang.
Atau pun pakai jaket kulit di waktu tengahari.
Macam cerita Yusof Haslam juga.
Arghh.. tolong. Sakit jantung lagi...

* sumber dari form kerajaan (betul)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005 

Idiot Box

Do you believe the current state of Malaysian media?
Full of crap I might say. Content and the 'freedom of speech' wise.
A couple of weeks ago tertengok ada ape benda tour ape tah kat tv3. Seperti biasa, ada tour mestilah ada artis. Amy Search pun ada. Biase aaa rock kangkang. Tiba-tiba baru sedar telinga die kena censored. What the? Ooo sebab ada subang besar. Then last week ada gak tour tu tapi kat tempat lain. Amy? Ada, dan disensor juga. Tapi ada jugak yang terlepas. Mesti sapa yg kena buat kerja sensor tu dah kena buang keje. Gile hape bagi tunjuk subang. Nak mampos? Habis semua budak-budak lepasan PMR dan SPM nanti ikut macam Amy. Tapi Jack (Malaysian Idol) pierced kat lidah tak kena sensor pun. Mesti tak nampak muka kalau sensor mulut kot. Nampak janggal la kalau muka kena kena sensor kan? Hmmm....

Friday, April 08, 2005 

Apples In Stereo

sori la lama tak update
takde cerita
atau pun malas
dengar radio dulu

Friday, April 01, 2005 

Explosions In The Sky 3

Sambungan lagi. Tah bila nak abis tak tau. Baru cerita pagi Sabtu ni.
Asyik procastinating je. Dah jadi macam hobi. Gile bad habit.
Gambar? Lek dulu... filem belum cuci. Filem? Cuci? What the?

Sabtu Mac 26
Lunch lembah. Kuah ikan patin, keli bakar, sambal udang. Best-best..
Lepas tu gi mane ha? Ooo cendol la ape lagi. Pulut abis? Cendol kacang la camtu. Ko order cendol kedai mana ni? Tak best la situ. Ni kedai dari mak raqib dulu-dulu ni. Wo.
Laksa? Gile mana larat. Perut lembu ke ape
Nak balik terus ke ni? Rest house la dulu, tido-tido jap. Letih wo nak drive. Bape ramai kat rest house ni. Sebelah ni kemas sikit. Yang ni ramai no orang. Tido jap... ni tempat sapa? Lantak aaa
Gi koleq la jom. Beli barang-barang ke ape ke. Baju dah ok, ada Master Pro pulak tajuk die.
kami : ape ada Master Pro ni?
master (keluar secara tiba-tiba) : dah yang buatnya nama Mastorr...
master = mastor (cikgu Mastor) Kahkah. Perfect gile timing.
Main bola la jom. Cepat aaa nak ujan ni. Main kat area-area rest house la. Amende la balik koleq aktiviti main bola heh. La.. ujan lebat gile. Camne nak main? Pusing-pusing istana dulu... Hujan la wei. Memang la ujan, tu semua dah tau. Hadoi...
Wo cantek ah, ada court simen. " Dilarang bermain bola, skateboard dan roller blade di gelanggang hoki ini ". Kaki ayam, berlenggeng, hujan, simen. Bijak-bijak... ha marking wei, tapi bukak tengah tu buat pe? Apa punye loser la team heh. Dah la wei, nak gi konsert pulak ni
Ada masuk berita? Ceh, tunggu lama keluar seminit je...
Ahh shit. Ujan lebat gile babi. Balik dah maoi? Okla, jumpa lagi di lain hari. Orang kuala ramai. Konsert beb, bukan selalu. Tak start lagi ni. Makan la dulu kat Rahmaniah. Ha..cantek ah, ujan dah berenti.
La..ujan balik. Table mahal-mahal pun takleh nak makan. Kesian yang sewa stall. Nak buat camne. Tu MCOBA band ke? ye kot. Pastu Sarah nyanyi pulak. Bapak die ade belakang tu ha. Tu sape pakai crown lak tu? Chare (kata orang johor) heh... Ooo... Miss Universe Thailand la. La, tu jek? Apa tujuan nye? Ntah
Next, Farid Ali. Ape tak bunyi? Dah la ujan, ade problem pulak. Power siot drummer die. Drum mahal boleh la, cuba guna drum koleq. Bass drum sumbat kusyen je kahkah...
Lepak dining hall la wei. Takde harapan dah ni. Wo, ada MILF la... ape daa MILF pun tak tau
Layan la Tugu Drum Cirle ni. Samba boleh, African boleh, Australian boleh. Tu benda apa die tiup-tiup tu? Tu la trompet siamang.
Bunga api wei, jom-jom! Cantik gile. Yang meletup pastu jadi bentuk heart pun ada. Bentuk Homer Simpson pun ada. Tepuk-tepuk...
Jom la balik. Esok nak balik KL dah.
[ seperti biasa la kan... ]

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