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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Alive and kicking

Hi people.
As usual, sorry for the lack of updates.
I am very much consumed with the workloads.
By the way, currently the project is in the User Test phase.
Lots of things are happening around me but then again I think I have forgotten much of them.
So nothing much to write I guess.
Finally watched Star Wars Episode III : Revenge of The Sith yesterday with Rina.
Either you watch it on opening day or you watch it a week after.
Review? You all have yours.
Of course, Maddox always gives the best review.

Semasa beratur ingin membeli tiket (sudah lebih kurang 45 min), ada seorang lelaki datang di sebelah.
"Bang, boleh tolong belikan tiket? Saya bawak budak-budak ni", katanya.
Jadi, sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang prihatin, aku pun jawab sambil tersenyum, "Dah beratur lama ni" dan terus mengendahkannya.
Belikan tiket?
Kalau bawak budak-budak tak boleh beratur?
Memang beratur lama-lama ni untuk belikan tiket ko pun.
Nak beli berapa tiket? Takpe, saya belikan.
Popcorn nak sekali?
Ceh, sengal.

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