Wednesday, December 22, 2004 

Where I end and you begin

Got nothing interesting to say.
I am bored.

+ At The Drive-In - Relationship of Command
+ At The Drive-In - In Casino Out
+ At The Drive-In - Acrobatic Tenement
+ At The Drive-In - Arc Arsenal (Live at Big Day Out 2001) - Video
+ Thundercats : Episode 1-4 The Beginning - Video

template update:
+ added background pattern for the blog title and description (pattern credit : img_138 by squidfingers)

Friday, December 17, 2004 

Rock The World V (hmmm...)

The Rock The World series is back with its 5th installment. Me? I am not going. I am not hip and happening enough for this kind of things. I guess they have it live on 8tv.

Date : 18th December (this Saturday)
Time : 3.00pm till late
Venue : Stadium Merdeka KL

The 'Yeahs!':
+ Seven Collar T-Shirt
+ Republic of Brickfields
+ Couple
+ bigger venue

The 'Hmms...':
+ what, these guys again? are you kidding me? bagi can orang lain lah!
+ no Kuala Lumpur Post-Harmonic Quintet, Elisebelle Tears, Sgt Weener Arms, Custom Daisy, Furniture, Telebury, This Body Broken, Cassandra...

If you are going, this is the on-paper schedule:
430-450 Tragicomedy
450-510 The Hidden
510-530 Couple
530-550 Republic of Brickfields
550-610 Roots n boots
610-630 OAG
630-650 SingleTrackMind
650-710 Tempered Mental
730-750 Love Me Butch
750-810 Evenstarr
810-830 One Buck Short
830-850 Nice Stupid Playground
850-910 Dragon Red
910-930 Sevev Collar T-Shirt
930-950 Cromok
950-1010 Disagree

Wednesday, December 15, 2004 

Sit Down Stand Up

Well, been busy with lots of works regarding a goverment agency client. I will be based at their office with 4 other software engineer/programmer/developer starting maybe next week for at least 2 months for development works (on-site).

current obsessions:
+ char kue teow and nasi lemak ayam at mali's corner taman bunga raya. Char kue teow terchare di dunia... yummy!
+ my new credit precioussss. Hmm.. where to head first? The jungle or the marketplace?
+ CSS, CSS and more CSS
+ BBC News? CNN? Al-Jazeera? No, it's Malaysia Today
+ back to my old hobby - contests. Gotta win that 307 or that Aveo or hang out with Henry
+ Radiohead - Towering Above the Rest, the ultimate 10 CDs of Radiohead bootlegs that contains 186 tracks of B-sides, promo tracks, demos, soundtrack works, guest appearances, outtakes, and unreleased tracks. I want!
+ this girl! ;)

+ A Perfect Circle - eMOTIVe
+ The Mercury Program - A Data Learn The Language
+ Dianogah - Millions of Brazilians
+ Transformers : The Return of Optimus Prime - Video

template updates:
+ changed font-family from Georgia, Serif to Lucida Sans Unicode, Monospace (including the Haloscan's comment template)
+ uploaded Bebas Compilation #One cover image (see sidebar, under difficultalgebra section)
+ added background image for the blog title (image credit : img-4512.jpg by ppdigital, avaiable at mourgeFile)
+ bands/artirsts/etc featured in 'playlist' will have hyperlinks to their web sites so it is easier for you guys to check them out
+ new hyperlink policy - all hyperlinks will open in current window and not in a new window (applies to new postings only, too lazy to update hyperlinks in old postings and sidebar)

Wednesday, December 08, 2004 

The Bolehbolehland

be Malaysian!:
+ The notice ‘Sila Beri Laluan Kepada Penumpang Yang Ingin Turun Daripada Tren Terlebih Dahulu’ on LRTs and trains is totally crap and actually does not mean anything. It is just for solely decorative purposes only. So if you want to board any train, just stand right in front of the door and the second it opens, hustle and push your way in. Better still, if you are in a group, just board the train simultaneously. Never mind the people that want to get out off the train, they will be more than happy to give you way. Hey, you deserved that seat!

+ When you are driving, and it rains heavily, don’t forget turn on your hazard lights so that other drivers will see your vehicle easily. And they will not be confused whether your vehicle is actually moving or stopping. Road safety tips stated that you should only switch on the hazard lights when your vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident. Bah! What a great lie.

+ If you are lucky enough to get interviewed by some TV station for a Bahasa Malaysia speaking program like maybe Buletin Utama, and they are asking you some question like maybe “Apakah pendapat encik tentang kenaikan harga minyak sekarang ini?”, answer it in Bahasa Malaysia with as many English words you can fit in. The more the better. Suggested words are like ‘well’, ‘actually’, ‘just’, ‘government’, ‘we all’. Yes, it is a Bahasa Malaysia speaking program but you must look intelligent on TV right?

+ last but not least, alltogether now, 'Malaysia Boleh!'

+ Seven Collar T-Shirt – Drones. Only bought it yesterday so I guess it will be in the playlist for these couple of days. Noticed a new greatest hits album by Pearl Jam at the store, digipak, imported and all. All the songs are available in their previous studio albums so there’s no point in wasting my money for it. Good for first time listeners and budak-budak sekolah that want to impress their girlfriends. I better save the money for maybe Belle & Sebastian’s Dear Catastrophe Waitress or something.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004 


new things that I learned today:
+ you can’t pay DBKL Pusat Pengurusan Perumahan’s water bill via Maybank2u (and yes, ours is way overdue)
+ Page Hamilton is back with a new Helmet, all new songs, and a quest to bring rock back to the mainstream with the new album. Unfortunately, he fails short.
+ from a survey :
• only 3 percent of online artists said the internet has had a major negative effect on their ability to protect their creative works
• 52 percent of artists said it should be illegal for internet users to share unauthorized music files, compared with 37 percent who said it should be legal
• 64 percent of artists said they think the copyright owner should have complete control over the use of a work
• 77 percent of artists use the internet

+ Rooney - Rooney
+ Super Furry Animals - Rings Around The World
+ Various Artists - Wicker Park Soundtrack
+ The Mars Volta - Drunkship Of Lanterns (Live at Santa Barbara) - Video
+ The Mars Volta - Inertiatic (Live at Santa Barbara) - Video
+ Butterfingers - Siaran Tergendala (Live at Latte@8TV) - Video

template update:
+ added k u n o c r i e s and difficultalgebra sections in the sidebar. as time passed, I realized that this blog is mainly about music and things related to it (and Rina, of course). Although my musical knowledge is just about the same of any ERA and Hitz FM listeners out there, it is still much more than all of my other knowledge fields combined

Friday, December 03, 2004 

Walk and commute and walk and commute

I don't drive to work.
I walk and I commute and then I walk some more.
And yes I don't own a car.
With my trusty CD Walkman and either NST's Computimes or The Star's InTech I walk and I commute.
Did I mentioned that I don't own a car? Sigh...*

Every single morning I take the PUTRA LRT and then I take the KTM Komuter to work. I do believe that our public transportation system is reliable enough to get us through our daily activities. Lucky for me the office is just a walk away from the Komuter station. At least I can get some exercise from all the walking. I like to watch people around me. At the stations, in the trains. All kinds of people with all kinds of behaviours trying to get to their destination as soon as possible. Men, women, tall, short, Indons... all kinds of them. I do wish that I can ignore them and just dig in to whatever is playing in the discman (currently it is either Cave In or Ambulance LTD) and just read the bloody newspaper. But the truth is that I can't. Believe me I did try, hard. But I just can't help it!

There are yuppies tapping something on their laptop (most propably is BenQ), prentending that they can get a Wi-Fi signal and prentending that they are busy replying emails or surfing the web. Showing to the people around them that they are the true mobile techies, when the most that they can do is either playing Solitaire or Minesweeper. Some of them also thinks that turning up their crappy laptop speakers' volume is really a cool idea while Winamp is playing Linkin Park or Sum 41 or Simple Plan or some other mall-punk crap. Bah! More on 'The People That I Saw in my future postings.

template updates:
+ added Haloscan's comment and trackback function. Thanks to Zaha Si Celik IT for the info
+ added some free music downloads and online radio links in the sidebar. Go and listen to awesome new bands/artists, there are tonnes of them out there
+ added 'currently online' function. free by fastonlineusers

new things that i learned these couple of days:
+ people eat cum
+ PHP coding with 'register_globals' off
+ the word 'abbadon' as in Pinback's Summer In Abbadon means 'hell' in Hebrew
+ banks only allow loans up to 1/3 of an individual’s monthly pay for property (real estate) loans

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