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Friday, December 17, 2004

Rock The World V (hmmm...)

The Rock The World series is back with its 5th installment. Me? I am not going. I am not hip and happening enough for this kind of things. I guess they have it live on 8tv.

Date : 18th December (this Saturday)
Time : 3.00pm till late
Venue : Stadium Merdeka KL

The 'Yeahs!':
+ Seven Collar T-Shirt
+ Republic of Brickfields
+ Couple
+ bigger venue

The 'Hmms...':
+ what, these guys again? are you kidding me? bagi can orang lain lah!
+ no Kuala Lumpur Post-Harmonic Quintet, Elisebelle Tears, Sgt Weener Arms, Custom Daisy, Furniture, Telebury, This Body Broken, Cassandra...

If you are going, this is the on-paper schedule:
430-450 Tragicomedy
450-510 The Hidden
510-530 Couple
530-550 Republic of Brickfields
550-610 Roots n boots
610-630 OAG
630-650 SingleTrackMind
650-710 Tempered Mental
730-750 Love Me Butch
750-810 Evenstarr
810-830 One Buck Short
830-850 Nice Stupid Playground
850-910 Dragon Red
910-930 Sevev Collar T-Shirt
930-950 Cromok
950-1010 Disagree

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