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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Sit Down Stand Up

Well, been busy with lots of works regarding a goverment agency client. I will be based at their office with 4 other software engineer/programmer/developer starting maybe next week for at least 2 months for development works (on-site).

current obsessions:
+ char kue teow and nasi lemak ayam at mali's corner taman bunga raya. Char kue teow terchare di dunia... yummy!
+ my new credit card...my precioussss. Hmm.. where to head first? The jungle or the marketplace?
+ CSS, CSS and more CSS
+ BBC News? CNN? Al-Jazeera? No, it's Malaysia Today
+ back to my old hobby - contests. Gotta win that 307 or that Aveo or hang out with Henry
+ Radiohead - Towering Above the Rest, the ultimate 10 CDs of Radiohead bootlegs that contains 186 tracks of B-sides, promo tracks, demos, soundtrack works, guest appearances, outtakes, and unreleased tracks. I want!
+ this girl! ;)

+ A Perfect Circle - eMOTIVe
+ The Mercury Program - A Data Learn The Language
+ Dianogah - Millions of Brazilians
+ Transformers : The Return of Optimus Prime - Video

template updates:
+ changed font-family from Georgia, Serif to Lucida Sans Unicode, Monospace (including the Haloscan's comment template)
+ uploaded Bebas Compilation #One cover image (see sidebar, under difficultalgebra section)
+ added background image for the blog title (image credit : img-4512.jpg by ppdigital, avaiable at mourgeFile)
+ bands/artirsts/etc featured in 'playlist' will have hyperlinks to their web sites so it is easier for you guys to check them out
+ new hyperlink policy - all hyperlinks will open in current window and not in a new window (applies to new postings only, too lazy to update hyperlinks in old postings and sidebar)

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