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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Harapan palsu

Ceh,harapan palsu. I want my RM15 back.

1. No fighting spirit. Zero. 0. Nadda. The score is 3-1 with still about 15 minutes to play. So play then! Build up the play, attack and try to score. There is no 'away goals' rules. If the score is 3-2 then we are still level with 4-4 aggregat. Professionals can't just put their head down and let go of the game!

2. If you just gonna walk, take your own sweet time and be a pedestrian, do it on the road or somewhere else and not in the field. What do you trying to proof? That you can play quality football with just walking? You are not Zidane so don't bother. You make me want to puke.

3. Now repeat after me,"defenders mark strikers". That is the nature of the game. So just mark your man then. Why do you want to chase all over the ball playing full press and leave your man unmarked when you know that you don't have the breath? You don't even get close to the ball and terkejar-kejar macam main monyet? You guys do play main monyet right on training? Pathetic.

4. Asking the coach to substitute you? Why? You don't want to be blamed? The team has lost but at least you are not on the field when the final whistle blows? Shameful. At least act that you've injured your leg or something. You are not using it anyway.

5. We all know that both of the Indon's wingers are fast and speedy. So what are good defenders supposed to do? You mark deep and not close mark, so you can always see him and let him come at you. But, you mark close. Ah..what a nice gift to the wingers. They turned you in flash then baru terkebil-kebil nak kejar.

6. Why all the goal kicks are intended for the sol 'scoring machine' Khalid Jamlus? He is slow and marked by 2 defenders. What do you expect him to do? Do a Ronaldo? Play close passes and patiently build the play la!

7. When you want to pass, you pass. When you want to shoot, you shoot. Make up your decisions early! And only pass the ball to the guys in yellow, ok kids? You know yellow? Yelllowwww...

8. Please challenge for a 50-50 header ball. At least pretend that you have jumped the highest that you can. Then only we will try to believe you.

9. Move around and stay close to your man when defending a corner.You do watch EPL right? Don't you learn a thing or two watching them defend corners. People don't stay put during corners. They pulled shirts, tug shorts, pushed and hustled just to get to the ball. So why you just stand static? While you are at it, why not you just sing the song Aku Statik. We will more than happy to sing along with you.

Overheard at the stadium:
1. Bodohhh!
2. Sape ko passing tu? Buta ke ape?
3. Laju la sikit Khalid. Berat bontot la wei!
4. Woi! Rilek la dulu. Jauh lagi nak shoot. Ingat ko Zidane?
5. Sikit-sikit jatuh, sikit-sikit jatuh. Lembik!
6. Main sepak je tah mana-mana
7. Ha, betulkan rambut je la...
8. Score la lagi satu Indon, baru puas hati aku!
9. Lembab nak mampos!
10. Macam ni main ambik Capello jadi coach pun tak boleh!

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