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Thursday, June 02, 2005

" Passing keeper! "

First thing first.
Today is my 24th birthday.
How time flies. Fast.
When you got a great girl as a companion and a best friend,
it is the best present ever.

Malaysia lost again in the Azlan Shah Cup tie yesterday.
This time Malaysia went down 3-1 to New Zealand.
4th place? More of a 6th place. That's realistic.
Went to watch it live but got only little to shout about.
No credible centre half and no dedicated forwards.
No Keevan and no Tajol.
But Azlan Misron is good. Good hits and good passings even in the tightest of spaces.
One thing that pissed me off about the so-called Malaysian spectators is that they don't understand the game but trying very hard to show that they do.
(Another whining alert here)
There was this guy a couple of rows in front of me keep shouting "Passing keeper!" to the players when they did back or square passes.
All the forwards are marked already and the only avaiable is to go back or square to shift play.
Ingat main hoki ni macam lumba F1 ke? Nak ke depan je.
Arghh... sengal.
You are not supporting la brader.
When he shouted a passing-keeper, I shouted back.
Don't know if he heard it or not.
Know-it-all-guy : Passing keeper!
Me : Abis semua dah kena mark. Nak passing mana lagi?!
Know-it-all-guy : Passing keeper!
Me : Dia tau la apa dia buat. Dia main Malaysia!
Know-it-all-guy : Passing keeper!
Me : Kan Kuhan nak flick tu. Sampai gak depan kan?!
Ceh, macam budak-budak.
A great game between Pakistan and India though.
For a moment there I thought I was in Karachi.
Anyhoo, good luck to Malaysia for the last game against Pakistan tomorrow.
Ha, passing keeper!

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