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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Butterfingers Live at Hard Rock Cafe

Rating : 4 / 5

Review :
We arrived a little late, at about 3.20pm. Lots of people queing outside for tickets and the place is already about 70% full. It was raining slightly (gerimis), and passers-by along Jln Sultan Ismail must be wondering why these bunch of kids standing in the rain. While I was nearing the door, the doorman said, "rilek dulu, sekang tak best, killer songs masa tengah-tengah nanti". Killer songs? Someone should remind him that the band for the day is not Spider nor Kristal. I guess after so long pushing doors (and people) made him a little mixed up.

Finally we got inside in the middle of Nyilu.It is HRC so the stage is only just elevated from the floor. Joined the crowd at the floor, which was mainly cosists of 20-year-olds trying very hard to look 'happening' or 'grunge' or whatever crap their into right now. Loque with his usual Gibson Les Paul Sunburst and Emmett sporting a rather funky ala-batik shirt. No Batak as sessionist on 2nd guitar so Loque keep mostly the licks to himself with Emmett giving him a helping hand on a song or two. Emmett kept his interaction with the crowd to a mininum, with broken Malay and all. Loque's Gibson was crisp and clear, with the usual intended feedbacks, spontaneous solos and tappings. Kadak just mostly minding his own low-end business, nodding once in a while in full synchronized with Loco's rhythmic duties. The monitor speakers' level is rather low for my liking though. As expected, the younger kids only interested in the band's older songs, or, 'heavy songs'. Somebody did shouted for Royaljelly. I wished they had shouted for Pacific or Pretty Rain.

In overall, the show was awesome. No fancy backdrop, excessive lights or smoke machine. It was rock n roll at its best. I was just there to welcome back the kings. Walked to Bukit Bintang after the show ended at about 5.30pm and had our lunch at Nasi Ayam Hailam Chee Meng. Yummy...
"Butterfingers have left the building."

Nyilu (hidup makan tidur mati muzik)
Daulat Tuanku
Selamat Tinggal Dunia
Kabus Ribut
Merpati Sejoli
Taman Tasik Perdana
Tentang Tentang
Siaran Tergendala
Nico' tynne*
Faculties Of The Mind
Ruin By The Selling Out
The Chemistry (Between Us)

* Kalai on drums
The setlist is not that accurate especially on the sequences.

Low Points:

+ no violine in Viopipe
+ no keyboard in Siaran Tergendala, so it lost the whole Radiohead feel to it
+ not a single track from Malayneum
+ Loque's guitar went dead during Fire
+ very fat and sweaty girl jumping out and down, nearly bringing the place down (literally)

Best quote:
" lama sangat tak buat macam ni, pening rasa dia " - Emmett, after a neck breaking, head banging session

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